Bofrin Lange

A dwarven ex-smuggler with a speciality in technology


Bofrin Lange spent most of his adolescent life smuggling drugs for a small time gang on the streets of Köln. Despite making little profit and almost being caught several times by police, his orphanage and opposing gang members, he continued to push drugs until the age of 19 when he ran into an elf called Jannick Drossel. Jannick promised a better life working for his boss as a freelance smuggler. Bofrin accepted and found himself home among the group, where he learned about operating machinery and electronics , driving and demolitions.

For several years Bofrin and Jannick worked together all over Germany. They were on a mission to smuggle high explosives from the Czech borders to Berlin when the law cracked down on their group’s headquarters, sending everyone to jail or into hiding.

Settling in Berlin, Bofrin spent most of his time fixing broken appliances for people, and occasionally flogging stolen goods to Jannick. Although he copes with his current life, he often wishes he could return to the criminal lifestyle.

Bofrin Lange

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