Trogdor Electric

Trogdor the stronk spellcaster


A – Magic
B – Troll
C – Attrbutes
D – Skills
E – Resources

Stats: (16 points)
Body 5+2
Agility 1+1
Reaction 1+2
Strength 5+2
Charisma 1+3
Logic 1+1
Intuition 1+1
Willpower 1+4

Traits: (13 points)
Focused concentration 2 -8
GUTS -10
Spirit affinity, Air -7
Bizarre fashion +5?
Mild wifi allergy +10

Knowledge: (8 points)
Magical theory – 3 professional
Magical threats – 1 interest
Dragons – 2 street
Wilderness survival – 2 street

Skills: (22 points)
Spellcasting (5)+1
Summoning (5)
Astral combat 3
Counterspelling 4
Arcana 2
Etiquette 4
Perception 3
Disenchanting 2
Binding 2
Clubs 1

Knockout, Lightning bolt, Fireball,
Analyze magic, Combat sense
Antidote, Heal,
Control actions, Ice sheet

Helm (big hat)
Armored clothing (bright yellow)
subvocal mic
Survival kit



Trogdor always wanted to become a wizard, but due to his low troll intellect, he could never master traditional sorcery.
His parents always told him he couldn’t become a sorcerer because trolls can’t be spellcasters, but Trogdor never listened to them.

He was bullied in school for being 2dumb, but no one dared pick a fight with him because of how big and stronk he was. He excelled at physical activities, but had no interest in sports and only wanted to learn to cast miraculous spells like Shiny Chariot from TV.

Despite his efforts, Trogdor was not accepted into the grand institute of German wizardry. His parents wanted nothing to do with their failure of a son, and kicked him out of their home.
Trogdor couldn’t find work, couldn’t afford housing, and became a squatter. He found an abandoned industrial building on the outskirts of town. This suits Trogdor fine, as he doesn’t like residential areas. This is in part due to his sensitivity to electronics and wireless signals, causing him some discomfort. In this building he meets many drifters as they come and go, but lives mostly in solitude.

He is only able to keep it together with the help of his long-time friend Dylan, helping Trogdor out with food from time to time, but unable to offer any shelter. Dylan knows Trogdor from the time they went to school, but he dropped out before amounting to anything. He lives with his wealthy parents, and is able to sneak out food from their abundant supply.

Eventually, a drifter came by that told Trogdor of the questionable art of [charisma based sorcery]. Trogdor accepted Baldbrandur as his mentor in the arts, and quickly grasped the spellcasting, clearly he had a knack for it.

Trogdor gave Baldbrandur food and housing(?) in return of his teachings, but Trogdor quickly exhausted the his master’s knowledge. Baldbrandur then moved on and left Trogdor to continue practising on his own. He still comes by from time to time, each time with new trinkets acquired in dubious ways.

Trogdor Electric

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