Yuliya Serova

Up-and-coming swimming professional who's life has taken a tragic turn


Yuliya lived a rough and somewhat poor life governed by her stern single father, Petrov. He lived his life as a semi-successful drug lord, controlling the drug trade around Moscow, but Yuliya barely ever saw the profits he made. During her earlier years, she spent her time hearing the many tales of the users and abusers she’d come into contact with, whilst trying to avoid following their lead with their habits and stick to her education.

Petrov’s life was taken after getting caught in a planned explosion outside of the Serova’s household. The demise of the man who brought her into this life of substance abuse and street warfare caused Yuliya to seek brighter pastures, taking up swimming at 16 and becoming rather adept at.

Yuliya’s life had been great since becoming a professional swimmer, taking part in various tournaments around Europe and making something of a name for herself. This all changed, however, while she was in Berlin practicing. On her way to the pool, a gang of miscreant bikers hit her, damaging her arm in multiple places and leading to the use of a false arm and somewhat serious head injuries causing her to shake uncontrollably at random times. Because of this, she had to give up her much loved swimming career and had to settle for the life of a Shadowrunner.

Yuliya Serova

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