Dolphus Özil

The snitch who destroyed Bofrin & Jannick's crew


Once an ally of Bofrin and Jannick, Dolphus Özil would betray their operation to the law when he felt the writing was on the wall. In spite of his hopes that police would clear up his loose ends, Bofrin and Jannick would survive the raid, as well as his old crime boss Dovoski merely being arrested.

Upon discovering it was their own comrade who had effectively ruined the lives they had built for themselves, Bofrin and Jannick would be led on a cross-country chase by Özil into the depths of war-torn Poland. It was there, two weeks after the hunt had began, that the pair of now ex-smugglers would corner Özil to an abandoned warehouse, mortally wound him and leave him to his death.

Dolphus Özil

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