Shulk Shugan

A wrestler turned mixed martial artist for hire.


As a young boy born in Cottbus to a pair of farmers, Shulk dreamed of conquering foes and reveling in the spoils of his victories. Upon flunking out of high school, his enormous size and unparalleled strength made this transition into an electric pro-wrestling career, winning countless titles throughout Europe.

Popular for his stance on challenging the best in the business with little regard for his own stature, Shulk rose to fame after upsetting Henrick “Shock” Braun for the German Heavyweight Championship. He began to carry a wholesome image, encouraging children to stay uncybernetically altered.

As the professional wrestling industry declined following a worldwide cybernetic-enhancement scandal, so too did Shulk’s career. Poor and in need of work, Böbby Mitchell, an aging promoter and ex-mixed martial artist took him under his wing and trained him into an unarmed fighting machine. Despite Mitchell’s wishes that he use this to settle into the mundane life of a bouncer, Shulk saw this as his final chance to be the adventurer he always wanted to be.

Shulk Shugan

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